Symptoms: All POS registers are displaying the "Cannot Communicate to Monitors" error. Cannot take orders. KVS screens are frozen.

Attempt to put the restaurant's production in backup:

  1. When the message "Unable to communicate with monitors. Would you like to try again?" is on the screen tap No
    (If the message is not displaying tap either the Eat in Total or Take Out Total button to get it to appear again.)
  2. The register will now display a message saying "Error sending order to one or more monitors. Do you want to switch to backup mode?"
    Tap YES
  3. Scan fingerprint or enter the manager ID and password.

  4. After about 1-3 minutes the store will now be in backup mode and can continue taking and seeing orders.

How to tell if you are in backup production:

  • You can take orders again
  • The text on the bottom of a KVS controller will go from white to red.
  • The PRODUCTION OFFLINE message will disappear on all KVS controllers


  • When the store is in backup drawer counts may be unavailable until primary production is restored.
  • If an order is stuck on a KVS screen after switching backup production it will be necessary to reboot the controller to get the order off. If it remains on the screen it will have a negative effect KVS times.

If putting the store in backup production fails:

  1. Verify that register 1 is powered on. Register 1 is the backup production for a restaurant.
  2. Try switching to backup from another register
  3. Reboot register 1

Verify the equipment on the technology rack is powered on:

Check the technology rack located in the managers office.
Do not attempt to reboot anything in the office as data corruption and more severe issue may arise.

Verify that the POS server is powered on:

  • The POS server will be labeled as RHS on the technology rack
  • Check for any lights on the servers. If you see no lights on the power button the server is not powered on.
  • If you have thin rack mounted server(See picture below), you will be able to hear the fans spinning on the server indicating it is powered on

If the POS server on the rack is powered off:

  1. Verify that the breakers throughout the restaurant are not tripped.
  2. Submit a ticket with the tech team through jotform
  3. Inform your in store OTP 2+.
  4. Call ATOS while you are waiting for assistance from the technology team

Promoting back to primary production:

  1. On any register navigate to Manager Menu > Support
  2. Tap the Promote to Primary Production button
  3. The register may seem as if it has locked up This is normal. Production will switch back in 1-3 minutes

How to tell if Production has switched back to primary:

  • You will receive a success message on the register
  • The text on the bottom of all KVS screens will switch from red to white