Symptoms: The touchscreen is choosing the wrong buttons on the label maker.

Re-calibrate the touch screen

There are two ways the screen can be re-calibrated:

METHOD 1: Re-calibrate using the Setup menu

If the screen is too inaccurate attempt method two below.

  1. Tap the setup Button

  2. The login screen will ask for a password. Enter the password: bigmac1
  3. In the Settings menu tap Set Display Preferences
  4. On the Display Settings menu tap Calibrate Touch Screen

  5. Use your finger to tap the red boxes to calibrate the screen.

METHOD 2: Re-calibrate using system boot up:

  1. Power the label maker off by flipping the power switch located on the left side of the unit

  2. Place a finger on the middle of the touch screen like the image below

  3. While your finger is still on the screen flip the power switch to the on position. Keep your finger on the screen

  4. Leave your finger on the screen until the Calibrate Touchscreen window appears

  5. Use your finger to tap the red squares on the screen until the windows disappears to calibrate the screen

  6. The label maker will boot up as normal. It my prompt the calibration window again. If so, repeat step 5

  7. Once the touchscreen is loaded up as normal test the screen. If the screen is still not working correctly please contact the technology team.

Escalate to the technology team:

If both methods fail to calibrate the screen please escalate to the technology team by submitting a ticket.