Symptoms: The bump bar will not serve any orders. The bump bar has no green led light. The led light on the bump bar is red and not serving.

Verify the cable is plugged in:

Ensure the cable for the bump bar is plugged in. If the cable is unplugged you will not see any light on the bump bar.

  • On the older black or grey plastic bump bars, the cable must be plugged into the port that says TO KVS
  • If the cable doesn't snap in and falls out contact your OTP 2+ for a re-crimp of the connector.
  • Verify the serial cable and grey USB cable are both plugged into the KVS controller.

Look for damage to the cable:

The cable for the bump bar may be plugged in but there can be damage to one of the wires in the cable. One sign of cable damage is the led light on the bump bar will go from green to red.

  • Trace the cable and look for any damage. Damage is most likely to occur where the cable plugs into the bump bar and the other end that plugs into the KVS controller
  • Check the connector head that plugs into the bump bar and see if any of the 4 wires have been pulled out of the connector.
  • If there is any damage to the cable contact your OTP 2+ for a re-termination of the cable.
  • An example of a damaged cable looks like this:

Damage to the bump bar:

The bump bar itself can be damaged.

  • The mechanical button below the key caps broke off.
  • Liquid got into the bump bar.
  • In this case the bump bar needs to replaced. Contact the technology team by filling out a form on Jotform.
  • Proceed to the next section for workarounds while you wait for a new bump bar.

Enabling the Soft Bump Bar:

If the bump bar needs to be replaced there will be a period of downtime. A soft bump bar can be enabled on a register so orders can still be served off.


  • When a register is used as a soft bump bar you will not be able to take orders and serve at the same time. It is recommended to use a register as a soft bump bar if it will be in minimal use for order taking or cashier.
  • A manager login is not required to enable or disable a soft bump bar.

Enable the soft bump bar:

  1. Tap Special Functions
  2. Soft Bump Bar
  3. Select the desired monitor to serve orders off.