Symptoms: The back office monitor is looks different. The wallpaper is red and the icons don't look like they are supposed to. Didn't get a prompt to log in when waking the monitor screen.

Switch the Monitor Back to the Back Office Computer

The monitor has been switched over to the RHS if it looks something like the picture below:

You can easily switch the screen back to the Back Office computer screen with the KVM switch on the rack.

NOTE: Do no attempt to open or close any apps on the RHS as you may cause productions issues and possible data corruption.

  1. On your technology rack locate the KVM switch. See the picture below for what it looks like:
  2. On the front of the KVM switch there are 4 buttons. The buttons that are lit have connections to them from both servers on the rack.
    Button 1: Back office computer used by managers
    Button 2: RHS/POS server
  3. Press button 1 on the KVM switch. You will hear a beep and see that the lights for button one have gotten brighter.
  4. The back office computer will now display.
    NOTE: If the mouse and keyboard does not work after switching the display back check to see if the USB dongle has been plugged into the RHS. If so you can move it back to the BOS or back onto the KVM switch.

Escalate to the Technology Team

If no lights are present on the KVM switch and you are not able to get the screen to switch over with the KVM please escalate this issue to your OTP2+ and/or technology team.