Symptoms: The back office computer monitor is displaying Out of Range.

If the back office has an older NEC MultiSync monitor and it is displaying the "Out Of Range" error as seen in the picture below please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Note: All new users will have to preform this. These steps only need to be done once and then the changes will remain persistent.

  1. Login with your eID. If the message is obstructing your view please wait up to 30 seconds for the message to disappear.

  2. On the Desktop double click the Programs folder.

  3. Double click the Set Screen Resolution application.

  4. The application will open. Click the drop down list under Change Resolution. Select 1280x1024 and then click apply.

    The screen will go black momentarily and then a prompt will ask you to either keep the changes or revert. Click the Keep Changes button and close the application.