Symptoms: Can't login to store email. Error on clicking link.

Use Google Chrome

On your officer computer use Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported by McDonalds.

If you are using a personal computer only use Google Chrome there as well. Edge or other web browsers such as Firefox are not supported by McDonalds.

Log out of your current Chrome session

You can face errors accessing your store's email if you had been logged in with your eID at any point.

  1. Log out of your eID on any website you are logged into: eRestaurant, McHire, QSRsoft, GAM
  2. If you logged into the QSR app on the Desktop you must log out of that as well.
  3. Attempt to log into your store email again.

Clear chrome browsing data

Sometimes there are some errors in the web browser related to cache and cookies. You may need to clear these before attempting to login to the store email.

  1. In chrome Click the top right dots. 
  2. Click More Tools > Clear browsing data
  3. At the top of the time range select All Time
  4. Check the boxes: Cookies and other Site Data and Cached images and Files
  5. Click Clear data

Log out of the office computer

  1. Click the start menu button
  2. Click Log out
  3. Log back in with your eID
  4. Open Google Chrome and try again

Escalate to the technology team

If you are still unable to log into your store email please open a ticket with the Technology team as there may be an outage or additional troubleshooting steps that may need to be preformed.