Symptoms: One or several 1/4 beef/protein is displaying on the HOTG, LCM or fresh beef monitor. The item is not serving off the monitor when pressing any of the buttons on either bump bar in the grill.

Clear the LCM screen in Manager Options menu

  1. On any POS register in the restaurant navigate to the manager menu and authenticate
  2. Navigate to the Manager Options menu
  3. Tap on the Clear LCM button
  4. Confirm that you wish to clear the LCM screen.
  5. Verify that the 1/4 beef has been cleared from the HOTG monitor. If not, continue through this article.

Reboot the HOTG KVS controller

  1. Locate the HOTG KVS controller.
  2. Press the power button but do not hold the button as data loss may occur.
  3. Wait for the KVS controller to power off fully.
  4. Press the power button again and wait for the KVS to fully boot up into NewPOS.
  5. Attempt to clear the LCM screen again with a POS register if  the 1/4 beef is still present.

Verify the restaurant is in primary production

You can verify if you are in primary production if the text on the bottom f any KVS controller is white. If the text is red then the restaurant is currently running in backup production.

How to promote back to primary production:

  1. On any POS register navigate to Manager Menu > Support
  2. Tap the Promote to Primary Production button.
  3. After 2-3 minutes the restaurant will be back on primary production. You will receive a success message and the text on the monitors will turn to white.
    If you receive an error message while trying to promote back to primary  please escalate to your OTP 2+
  4. Attempt to clear the LCM again.

Shutdown all POS registers and attempt to clear the LCM again.

NOTE: Only do this during periods of slow time as this will render the restaurant unable to ring up orders for 3-5 minutes

  1. On a POS register navigate to Manager Menu > Manager Options.
  2. Tap Reboot All POS.
  3. After all registers have been rebooted fully attempt to clear the LCM again.

Escalate to the technology team

If you attempted all the steps above please escalate this issue to the technology team.