Symptoms: Customers cannot place orders in the McDonalds app. Customers receive an error stating the store is closed when they attempt to place an order.


Verify That Mobile Ordering is Open on the Registers

  1. Go to any register in the restaurant.
  2. Tap the Manager Menu and authenticate yourself.
  3. Tap the Support button > 2nd Support button
  4. The password for the 2nd support button changes daily. It is always:
    Last digit of the year, month, and day.
    Example: the day is 10/11/23. Password for that day is 301

  1. Tap on Mobile Ordering Open Day
  2. If you get an error Mobile Ordering is open for the day then tap on Login Mobile Ordering
  3. If you are still having issues continue with this article.

NOTE: You should never close or logout mobile ordering

Verify That the Current Open Business day is Correct

  1. Go to any of the registers in the restaurant.
  2. On the top bar section of the NewPOS screen look for the Business Date field.

  1. Ensure the business date matches the date for the current day.
  2. If the date does not match the current business day ensure that POS Close & POS Open has been completed any previous days.
  3. If everything is correct on the QSR app escalate to your OTP 2+

Verify that the customers McDonalds App is Up to Date

If the issue is only happening with a few customers ask them to check if their app is up to date. If the app needs an update the customer may not be able to place an order at restaurants.

Escalate to the Technology Team

If the problem persists please escalate to the technology team.