Symptoms: After logging into QSRsoft the user is being greeted with a white screen that says "Welcome to QSRsoft".

Use the Google Chrome Web Browser

Just like other McDonalds sites, users are required to use Google Chrome when accessing QSRsoft. No support will be given to those that use any other browser other than Google Chrome. You can download Chrome at

eID log out and then try to log in again

Sometimes if the user has logged into any other sites with their eID they will be greeted with the white QSRsoft screen.

  1. Open the last McDonalds webpage that was used: eRestaurant, AtMCD Sync, etc.
  2. Log out of the session.
  3. Try to login to QSR soft again.
  4. If the issue persists, continue to the next section.

Clear Browser Data

You may need to clear your browser data to regain access to QSRsoft. Users accessing QSRsoft should only use Google Chrome. NOTE: Clearing your data will log you out of all websites. If you don't want to clear your data you can launch an Incognito Window in Chrome.

  1. In chrome Click the top right dots. 
  2. Click More Tools > Clear browsing data
  3. At the top of the time range select All Time
  4. Check the boxes: Cookies and other Site Data and Cached images and Files
  5. Click Clear data
  6. You will be able to login to QSRsoft now.

Escalate to the Technology Team

If the following steps did not resolve your issue please escalate to the technology team as there may be an outage.