Symptoms: The printer in the back office will not print. Getting an error on the BOS saying the printer is not working.

Verify the printer is powered on & network cable is plugged in

  1. Verify both the power cable and network cable are plugged in firmly.
  2. Ensure the printer has been powered on and the mini screen is displaying that the printer is on and without any errors.
  3. If the network cables  connect has a broken tab contact your OTP 2+ to have the cable repaired.

Check the network settings on the printer

If the printers network settings are incorrect the printer will not work with the back office computer.  The network settings are adjusted on the printer. Follow the steps below to check and adjust the network settings on the printer.

  1. On the printer navigate to Setup > Network Settings > TCP/IP Config and select the setting that says IPv4 Config.
  2. Ensure all settings match the ones below:
    IP Address: Press OK
    Subnet Mask: Press OK
    Default Gateway: Press OK
  3. Attempt to send a test print to the printer of the back office computer.

Toggle the default printer in Manage Printers app on the BOS

The Manage Printers application is located on the desktop of the BOS. Anyone that can login on the BOS can access this app.

  1. Double click the Manage Printers icon on the desktop.
  2. Change Select Printer Type to hp_universal.
  3. Change Select Printer Interface to Network Port/DLINK.
  4. Click the Exit button to save.
  5. Attempt to send a test print from the BOS.

Escalate to the Tech Team

If the following steps didn't work and the OTP 2+ could not determine the issue please send a request to the technology team for further investigation.