Shutdown procedures:

Mobile Ordering Close

POS close

Contact Tech

Tech does delivery closure, door dash, grubhub, uber

If you need to close your restaurant early for an emergency please follow the procedure below:

Items to consider when performing an emergency close:

  1. Delivery (Handled by Technology)
  2. Mobile Ordering
  3. Menu Boards (Handled by Technology)
  4. POS System

1) Inform the Technology Team via Troubleshooting App Ticket

When conducting an emergency close it is important to communicate with the tech team that you will be closing so the team can setup custom hours for both your Delivery tablets and menu boards.

2)Logout of Mobile Ordering

To prevent customers from ordering on the app before the POS close is done, mobile ordering should be closed first. This can be done on any register in the restaurant:

  1. Tap the Manager Menu button
  2. Tap Support
  3. Tap the second Support button
  4. Enter the daily password. Last digit of the year, month and day
    Example: The day is July 16th, 2024. Password would be 476
  5. Tap Logout Mobile Ordering Day button
  6. You will receive a message once completed on the register that mobile ordering for the current day has been logged out

3) Perform a POS close.

Perform a POS close like would be done regularly. If unsure how to perform a POS close, follow the steps below:

  1. Logout all registers in the restaurant
  2. Remove till from cash drawers. Place the printed sheet in with the till
  3. Log on to the back office computer in the manager's office
  4. Log in to QSRsoft
  5. Click the left menu button (3 horizontal lines)
  6. Under POS Functions, click POS Open/Close
  7. Click Close POS System. Enter all requested information. If you are unsure of anything contact your general manager.

4) The Technology Team Will Update the Ticket From Step 1 When Completed

The technology team will set custom closed hours for the delivery tablets and menu boards and will update the ticket when the changes have been completed. The team will also monitor the situation and assist with any POS server related issues.