Symptoms: Unable to open the POS system through the back office computer. Receiving an error that a POS device is logged in despite it not being open. General POS Open errors at store open.

Verify All POS Registers are Logged Out

  • If an error on QSRSoft is displaying an error that a POS device is currently logged in for the previous business day verify that all registers are logged out and cashed out.
  • Attempt to open the POS on the back office computer.
  • If all registers are logged and cashed out but you are still receiving the error on QSRSoft see the next section to detach the affected registers.

Detaching a Register:

  1. Locate the affected POS register.
  2. Power off the register
    1. Navigate to Manager Menu > Manager Options
    2. Tap Shutdown POS
    3. Wait for the POS device to fully shutdown
  3. On an unaffected register, navigate to Manager Menu > Support
  4. Tap the Support button (This is a second support button)
  5. Enter the daily POS password. This is the last digit of the year, month and day.
    Example: the business day is 7/12/2024. The password for the day is 472
  6. Tap the Remote Detach button
  7. Select the register that needs to be detach from the drop down list. NOTE: Registers that are logged in or powered on cannot be detached from the POS system.
  8. Attempt to open the POS system from the back office computer. DO NOT turn on the registers until the POS system is opened for the current business day.

If detaching the register(s) does not allow for the POS system to be open follow the next section.

Perform a Store Wide Forced Open

Use this section if you cannot access QSRSoft on the back office computer for any reason. You can also use this section if detaching registers does not allow for the POS system to be open.

  1. Go to any register that is currently attached to the POS system.
  2. Navigate to the Manager Menu > Support Menu
  3. Tap the S.W. Open Day Forced button. It's important to use the store wide button as it makes all POS devices open for the current business day.
  4. A prompt will appear that asks for what business date the store should be opened for. Ensure that the date being opened for the system is the current date.
  5. The POS system will open for the current day. Be aware that smart updates will push to all POS devices in the restaurant including all KVS controllers. The smart updates can take up 20 minutes to complete.

Contact the ATOS/Technology Team

If there are still issues opening the POS system for the day please contact the McDonalds helpdesk (ATOS) first for immediate support.  Also inform the technology team of issues via the troubleshooting app. A technology team member will be able to assist as soon as possible.